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(Tender Pork Ribs Ramen)

Originated in Kumamoto back in 1968, Ajisen Ramen has spread it’s area of operations around the world up to 800 locations including China, Canada, and in the US.

In Ontario,there are 4 locations below.

– Kennedy Uptown(Markham)
– Warden & Steeles(Markham)
– North York
– Downtown(Toronto)

(Tender Pork Ribs Ramen)

They also offer more than 40 kinds of ramen on their menu. They also serve a range of other side menu.

(Tender Pork Ribs Ramen)

Writer's Review

They serve 40 different kinds of ramen, and many other traditional Japanese dishes like "Gyudon Teishoku" (Beef Bowl Meal Combo) or "Curry Teishoku" (Curry Meal Combo).
This time, we ordered the recommended "Tender Pork Ribs Ramen" and "Spicy Beef Ramen".

The "Tender Pork Ribs Ramen" lived up to its name, and the pork was extremely tender to the point where I dont think you need your teeth to tear it apart.
The meat also had a very nice flavour, and I just wanted to eat that on top of white rice. It was that impactful, and I believe it was worth the time we spent to come here.
As for the noodles, they were very good thin noodles that blended well with the soup.

On the "Spicy Beef Ramen", there was a lot of beef that had some sort of salt and pepper type sauce with a hint of lemon. They use the same soup base for their regular Tonkotsu ramen, and thus it had a very good level of spicy flavours.
I understand why this was one of their recommended menus.

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