Benkei Ramen (弁慶ラーメン)

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Benkei Ramen has been loved by locals. The ramen restaurant has a variety of ramen menu such as Shoyu, Tori-Shio, Shio, Miso and more. What is unique for this ramen restaurant is they have Curry Ramen.

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Benkei Ramen prides itself on creating simple and one of Japanese old-fashioned Ramen. They offer the basic soy sauce & shio, as well as gyoza & curry to go with the Ramen bowl. The soy sauce soup is made from chicken simmered over low heat over a long time, giving it a savoury yet still fairly light palate. It kept the taste even it’s heated by a microwave in my home because of its mildness.

Ramen Loving Writer from Yokohama Japan

Restaurant manager's Comment

We have two contrasting soups: our light, yet rich Soy Sauce, and our rich and creamy Tonkotsu soup. The Tonkotsu takes over 13 hours simmering to make.

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