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EBISU has 4 locations in Vancouver and Toronto. This one on Queen Street is about 5 mins away from Osgoode Station. Not only do they offer sushi, sashimi, and Japanese Curry, but they also offer 6 different kinds of Ramen.

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The ramen we tried here was called "Fujisan", or Mt. Fuji. Just like the name, the bowl had a pile of beansprouts and cabbages, with soft boiled egg on the side of it. We were also given an option between Cha-Shu or Fried Chicken for our meat, and we chose the Cha-Shu.

They offer 2 types of noodles, thin or thick, and you can also choose from 3 flavours of soup: Soysauce, Miso, or Spicy. On top of that, you can choose to add garlic, making it a very appealing flavour for people who like rich and heavy ramen.

The Cha-Shu was fairly chunky but tender, and was very easy to eat. The balance between the heavy toppings and the lighter than usual soup creates a fulfilling meal for customers who seek to fill thier stomach.

Their lunch hour menus offer affordable combos that come with a small side dish alongside your ramen, and the Dinner menus offer traditional Japanese dishes as well.

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