G-men Ramen Shop (G麺)

Richmond , Vancouver / 1

photo from G-men Ramen Shop(Facebook)

G-men Ramen Shop is located in Richmond. (10 mins walk from Lansdowne station)

What is unique about this ramen restaurant is they serve Ae-soba which is soupless noodle. They also offer Miso Cheese Kimchi Ae Soba.

Don’t worry, of course they have a variety of ramen such as Tonkotsu Shoyu, Tonkotsu Shio,Tonkotsu Miso and Tantan Men.

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G-men is the ‘sister’ restaurant of Gyo-O and Gyoza King. According to a reader, who goes to G-men often for lunch, even Japanese friends and co-workers are impressed with the authenticity.

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  • bbmennude.com

    (2017/04/05 - 10:27 AM)

    Only Hanson and Jess stayed after the game to go to dinner with me. I suggested G-men Ramen Shop  because I had never been to the place.

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