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They specialize in jiro-style, also known as gatsuri-style, ramen. This style of ramen boasts voluminous amounts of noodles and toppings and is wildly popular in Japan. The over-the-top bowls that we offer at Ramen Gojiro will ensure that your ramen cravings are satisfied.


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Ramen Gojiro opened in March 2016 with their very familiar looking logo and name. It is clearly a pun made on the famous movie “Godz*lla” and “Ramen Jiro” which is also a famous ramen restaurant in Japan. You’ve got to try the BAKAMORI if you come to Gojiro. They put “Karaage” on top of the ramen which left a very western impression. The calory in this one bowl of ramen must be rediculous! So, I ordered the “Bakamori Karaage”. The volume of this thing was massive, and the garlic spice gave it a very strong flavor. The thick noodles were very heavy and firm, and will most definitely fill you up. You can also order the SPICY version which will give you the power of fire breaths and turning you into “Godz*lla” as you leave the restaurant. The price is fair and the volume of it was more than enough. This is turuely a stomach satisfying restaurant.

Hiroki Yamamoto

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