Guu Izakaya Toronto(北の家 Guu)

Downtown , Toronto / 0

(Shoyu Ramen)

This popular chain has 6 locations in Vancouver BC, and has opened their first eastern location on Queen West, Toronto, 2016 July.

Their modern interiors and the high quality food invites many customers looking for date locations or just a drinking party.

You can enjoy a classic soy sauce ramen with pork chashu there.






(sashimi salad)

(Tofu & Seaweed salad)

Writer's Review

The "Izakaya Guu", is known for their slogan "Guu is guuu'd!". They offer a variety of food menus as well as beer, wine, sake, drinks, and of course, ramen.

The "Shoyu Ramen" looked very standard, which made me think of that classic and authentic Tokyo ramen. After taking a bite, the noodles had a very nice firm texture and was very smooth. The soup was well balanced between the Shoyu soup and the Dashi and reminded me a bit of my childhood.

The porkchop wasn't too oily and was very easy to eat. I enjoyed the perfect balance between the simple ramen and other Izakaya menus that had their own distinctive flavour.
Whether you have a beer mug in 1 hand with food in the other, or you just want to have something to wrap up the fun night, their ramen is an all rounder that will most definitely fill your desires.

Since this isn't a ramen restaurant, they mainly offer typical Izakaya foods like "Takowasa", "Sashimi", "Salad", and "Sushi". So, even if you go there for their ramen, you can order other side dishes as well.

As a person born in Showa, this classic style of ramen gave me a sense of comfort.

LifeToronto Staff from Okayama that Wants to Chunk Up a bit

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