Hakata SHORYUKEN(博多 昇龍軒)

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(Hakata Tonkotsu)

Hakata SHORYUKEN serves a very rich Tonkotsu soup Hakata Ramen. You can enjoy 4 different ramen below with decent price.

– Hakata Tonkotsu
– Black Tonkotsu
– Red Hot Tonkotsu
– Chashu Lover


They also serve a wide range of side menu, such as Edamame, Shoryu wing,Fried chiken and Takoyaki etc.


Writer's Review

As a person born in Fukuoka, I've always wanted to try "Shouryuken" 's Tonkotsu ramen. The soup is cooked for over 15 hours, bringing out the most richest flavour. The oil is known to be very good for your skin, and is said to make your skin shiny the next day. I wonder if that's true...

By default, there are 3 pieces of very soft Cha-Shu on top, and was very delicious.
The one in the picture is the "Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen(Black Tonkotsu Ramen)" plus a "Kaedama". It had a bunch of garlic which added another layer of flavour to the Tonkotsu. The firm thin noodles were very good, coming from a person who is from Fukuoka. The green onions, bean sprouts, and the cloud ear mushrooms matched very well with the soup. I ordered the wrinkled noodles for the "Kaedama" which had a very firm texture, and frankly, I liked it very much!

Unfortunately, they were out of their soft boiled eggs at that time. That will be something that I will most definitely get next time I go.

Easygoing Firm Noodle (Sometimes Metallic Wires) Female LT Staff from Fukuoka, Japan

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