Hida Takayama Ramen (飛騨高山らーめん)

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Hida Takayama Ramen is located in Robson Public Market 2nd Floor.

“Hida Ramen provides rich collagen soup, 33% more noodles, lots of meat and no MSG!
715g of ingredients are gently simmered over 3 days to make one bowl of Hida Ramen’s broth. This is the secret behind how we can make our deep flavored collagen soup without using any MSG. All of our noodles are made in-house. We use only the highest grade flour specifically formulated to make only Japanese Ramen noodles. Taste, texture and firmness of the noodles are incomparable! On top it all, we add so much ‘Chashu’ (stewed pork), you almost can’t see the noodles. Enjoy!”
Hida Takayama Ramen Official

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Hida Takayama’s style is from Hidatakayama region in Japan. Their style is termed “Chuka soba”(It means Noodle from China) to distinguish with Japanese traditional noodle made from buckwheat termed “Soba”. They have a nice selection of soups to choose from: soy sauce, shio, miso, spicy miso, tantan men, tomato and salad mix style.
All their ingredients are all-natural/organic, so it’s grasped that niche market. It’s located inside Robson Public Market, and parking is free.

B-grade Japanese gourmet Loving Writer from Fukuoka Japan

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