Ichikame Shokudo(一亀食堂)

East Side , Vancouver / 0

(Shoyu Ramen)

Ichikame Shokudo offers authentic Japanese cuisine. As the part of the name “Shokudo”, they serve a wide range of menu including nabe,yakisoba and ishiyaki etc.
Besides, you can enjoy Shio,Shoyu,Miso,Spicy,Kimchi Cheese and Italian Tomato Ramen.

(Shio Ramen)

(Miso Ramen)

(Italian Tomato Ramen)


(Chicken Karaage)



Writer's Review

This restaurant is located in Victoria Drive and East 54th Avenue. I tried their Italian Tomato Ramen because it looked different from the others. What was interesting was the ramen contains chicken karaage instead of chashu. It is not a true vegetarian ramen, but it has a variety of vegetables, such as green leaf, green onion and of course Italian tomato!
On the other hand, If you're a ice cream lover, this restaurant would be nice because they serve various types of the dessert as well.

Writer from Okayama, Japan for LifeVancouver

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