JINYA Ramen Bar (ラーメン陣家) – Westside

West Side , Vancouver / 0

2129 West 41st Avenue Vancouver,

2129 West 41st Avenue Vancouver,

11:00am − 10:00pm



Writer's Review

Jinya is one of the popular Ramen restaurant chain in Japan.They already opened their restaurant in U.S. The restaurant in Vancouver is also popular enought for people to line up. Their vaunted “Tonkotsu Shouyu Ramen”s soup is made from Tonkotsu broth stewed pork born over 10 hours and their original recipe shoyu sauce. Most popular one is “Tonkotsu Shouyu Black Ramen”. Its rich tonkotsu soup with burned garlic has great aroma and a match for a half -boiled egg. They are also offering seasonal Ramen and every Ramen are very popular among our female writers, so check it out the first when you get there.

Spicy Food Loving Writer from Fukuoka Japan


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