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(Tonkotsu Original)

Owned by the Kinka Family Brand, is this restaurant called “Kinton Ramen”. There are multiple locations in Toronto, as well as Montreal.

What is unique of Kinton Ramen is customers can customize their own ramen very deeply. You will probably find your favourite style ramen.

(Tonkotsu Original)



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I personally like ramen restaurants that lets you customise your orders according to what you like, or feel like getting on that particular day. Being able to choose your soup, the strength of flavour, noodles, meat, and toppings can create lots of variety from just a few menus.

Today, I had the recommended "Tonkotsu Ramen" with the original options.
The soup had a very deep flavour and yet it was very easy to drink; The firm and wrinkly noodles were very delicious.

The most distinctive feature of this ramen was the pork chops. The 2 thick pieces of meat were packed with flavour and cooked just right to get the soft and tender texture, which gave me great satisfaction after finishing the bowl. The eggs were also done very well. The server also recommends the "Chicken Shoyu Ramen" which they said would "be a familiar taste for Japanese people".

LifeToronto Staff from Okayama that Wants to Chunk Up a bit

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