Koyuki Sapporo Ramen(小雪)

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“Koyuki Sapporo Ramen” serves a very traditional style of Sapporo Ramen which is quite rare in Vancouver.

This restaurant is located on Robson street and they also have Izakaya menu, so you can enjoy ramen and izakaya menu together. Moreover, they have lunch menu which is of course Japanese style Teisyoku menu.







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The Sapporo Ramen loving chef's recommendation is the "Miso Ramen" but besides that, they also serve "Shoyu Ramen", "Tonkotsu Ramen", "Tori Shio Ramen", "Spicy Ramen", and "Vegetable Ramen". (After 2pm, you can order "Tsuke men") The "Miso Ramen" was very reminiscent of the Hokkaido style ramen, where they put corn on top of the sweet Miso flavoured soup. The soup base is a blend of chicken and Tonkotsu. and they add the 3 types of miso, ginger, and garlic into that to make their flavour packed soup.

In the "Tori Shio Ramen"(chicken + Shio), they add seafood soup, vegetables, and natural salt into the chicken base soup. Personally I liked this soup better, and would recommend it to people who likes light flavoured soup.

The CHa-Shu on top of the "Tori Shio Ramen" is nice and thick, and by adding the butter in your soup, you can experience a different flavour in your soup.

On our Life Vancouver page, we actually have an article about this restaurant. Please check it out! We also have 10% off coupons for our readers. Thank you so much!!

Spicy Food Loving LV Staff from Fukuoka, Japan

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