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(Shio Ramen)

The resutaurant Kyouka Ramen from Tachikawa, Tokyo has opened a location in toronto. The founder, Machida-san has produced many ramen restaurants and has his name known to many people in the ramen industry. Machida-san’s student has brought kyouka into Toronto.

The Markham location is their 2nd one in Ontario.

(Time Limited – Cold Ramen)

Writer's Review

Since it was a very hot day, we ordered the "Cold Ramen" (Only available during Summer). It had a Shoyu based sauce with lots of flavours coming from sweet vinegar, sesame oil, sesame, bean sprouts, pepper, cucumbers, boiled eggs, and coreander.
The noodles were very chewy and it blended very well with the sauce. They also have chili paste which you can use to change the flavour as you eat. Despite the looks, it was very tasty and very filling at the same time.

My colleague tried the "Anchovy Shoyu Ramen" (also limited to Summer). They used anchovy broth blended with shoyu based sauce, and added leek, green onions, pork+chicken Cha-Shu, sliced onions, eggs, "Kamaboko" (fish cake), chili flakes, and seaweed.

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