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(Shoyu Ramen)

MARUTAMA RA-MEN GAIDEN opened in 2017. It’s located on Main Street. This restaurant has different menu from MARUTAMA RA-MEN. That’s why the name has “GAIDEN” means “side story”.

Of course, they serve a wide variety of ramen but What is unique for this ramen restaurant is they also offer Japanese Curry.

(Shoyu Ramen)

(Akamaru Ramen)

(Kaedama – you can choose full size or half)







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In October 2017, Marutama Ra-men GAIDEN opened.
I went there when they had soft open, so I didn't expect high quality ramen. However, when I had their Shoyu Ramen, I realized I was completely wrong. The ramen was really rich flavour and looked beautiful. Moreover, it was reasonable price, so I can't say any complainants.
If you would like to have Kaedama, you can choose full size or half.

Writer from Okayama, Japan for LifeVancouver

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