Menya Japanese Noodle (麺屋)

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Menya Japanese Noodle has a very welcoming ‘at home’ feeling. The Ramen is Nagahama style (It’s one of Fukuoka regional style.), so the noodles are thin and straight, matching perfectly with the characteristic rich Tonkotsu soup.

Like the Ramen in Fukuoka, Menya has Ramen sauce and kaedama, an extra helping of noodles you can order after finishing your bowl off. Typical toppings include red pickled ginger, green onions, tree ears and Cha-Shu. You can see Nagahama style in the Ramen established among the people in Nagahama fish market in 1950’s.

Writer's Review

The chef, from Fukuoka Japan, makes the style of ramen called “Nagahama Ramen”. Myself, also from Fukuoka, felt like being back home when I saw the sauce for “Kaedama” (Ordering more noodles to eat with your leftover soup) and the overall atmosphere of the place.

The ramen is made by a Japanese chef that preserves the traditional “Hakata Nagahama” style where the noodles are straight and thin inside pork based soup, and has the simple but classic toppings such as cloud ears, bamboo sprouts, red ginger, and Cha-Shu. The only difference I felt compared to the ones in Japan, was the soup being lighter in flavour which makes it easier for first-timers to try this particular style.

This style of ramen was developed through generations of workers at the fishing ports in Hakata. It would be wonderful to spread this flavour around to more people in Vancouver.

Spicy food loving writer from Fukuoka Japan

Restaurant manager's Comment

Please come and try our authentic Nagahama Ramen made by our chef who trained in Hakata. Our Nagasaki-Chanpon and Tan-Tan-Men are also very popular among our customers.

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