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Many would agree that the restaurant “Momofuku Noodle Bar” is one of the contributors to the ever expanding ramen culture in North America, and the one to start it in New York.

Momofuku has a location in Toronto, and as their name “Noodle Bar” suggests, they have a very stylish restaurant and friendly servers. From their popular menu, they serve “Pork Ramen”, “Sichuan Ramen”, and “Chicken Tan Tan Ramen” if you like something spicy.

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This time, we had the classic "Pork Ramen". We could smell the delicious scent while it was being brought onto our table, and though simple, it reminded me of the Japanese classic noodle soup. The interiors were very modern in contrast to what they actually serve, a very nostalgic style of ramen. The owner had gone around to more than 300 ramen restaurants to figure out what they wanted to bring to the table.

The local Ontario Pork was very soft and tender, blending well with the soft boiled eggs.
The soysauce based soup matched perfectly with the medium thick noodles, and delivered a strong message, "simple is best". There is a bit of spicy paste on top of the noodles to add a bit of spice in your soup, if you'd like.

There are some side dishes like "Okonomiyaki" and I am looking forward to trying it next time I visit.

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