Ramen Hachi

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(Kumamoto Ramen – Tonkotsu)

Ramen Hachi is located near New Westminster Station. (Just 1 or 2 mins from the station on foot) The restaurant serves authentic Kumamoto Ramen from Kyusyu, Japan.

It tries to not use MSG as much as they can. Besides, their soup and noodle are homemade which means they take many times to make their ramen.

(Kumamoto Ramen – Tonkotsu)


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I believe that Ramen Hachi is the only one ramen restaurant in New Westminster. I went their soft opening and had their Kumamoto Ramen. The taste was different from other restaurant's rich flavours which was interesting to experience. Next time, I would like to try Vegan Tan Tan Ramen.

Ramen Loving Writer from Okayama Japan

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