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Markham , Toronto / 0

(Isshin Red Miso Ramen)

There are currently 2 location in Toronto and Markham. Ramen Isshin is popular for their original Miso Ramen, but they also serve Vegetarian ramen, Shio, Tsukemen and Tan Tan Men etc.

There is a good selection of side menu too such as Tako Yaki, Age Tofu, Chiken Karaage and Edamame. If you are a beer lover, order Asahi Draft or Sapporo Premium Beer with your ramen.

(Isshin Red Miso Ramen)

Writer's Review

According to Isshin's staff's recommendation, I tried their signature ramen called Isshin Red Miso Ramen. (downtown location) The ramen had many variety of vegetables in it, so I recommend this ramen people who love vegetables. The soup was surprisingly sweet in a VERY good way, but it was also spicy. The staff said this soup is not only popular for adults but also children because of the miso's sweetness. I just loved the soup so much so I drank it all. If you are miso-lover, you must try.

Ramen Loving Writer from Okayama Japan

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