Ramen Koika (ラーメン恋歌) Davie

West End , Vancouver / 0

(King’s Ramen)

Opened along the busy Davie Street in 2014, Koika offers a wide variety of Ramen tastes with a unique and creative edge.

The owner has gained experiences at 12 Ramen restaurants in Japan for several years. They are offering a wide range of noodle menus without MSG.

They opened 2nd location on Robson Street.

(Koika Ramen Burger)

(Spicy Ramen Burger)

(Chashu Burger)



(Smoky Miso Ramen)

Writer's Review

The Ramen burger blew our Japanese reader’s mind away! I ran into their Ramen Burger one day, and I tried it as new adventure because I’d never seen Ramen Burger before in Japan. Actually this is also the first Ramen Burger in Vancouver. A ramen burger is a burger patty sandwiched between two ramen noodle buns. Koika’s buns are made of the same amount of a bowl of their ramen and it’s very filling. That’s worth to try. I especially love their Chashu Burger.
I also tried their Tomato Ramen that is popular among their regular customers. It has fresh tomato flavor and rich checkin broth that is great marriage with ramen noodle. Actually it was a limited-time menu, but it has been revived because of calling from their fans.

Skinny big eating Writer from Okayama Japan

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