Ramen Raijin(雷神ラーメン)

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This restaurant has a very strong atmosphere with more than 70 seats available, and the big statue of the Raijin watching over the entire place.
They offer 10 different types of ramen based on 2 different kinds of soup, Tonkotsu or Tori-gara (pork base or chicken base).

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A ramen restaurant operated by the "Zakkushi Group" in Toronto is called Ramen Raijin. The place itself is close to College Station towards the south. You can eat ramen right in front of the big statue of Raijin.

This time, we had the most popular "Seafood Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen" and "Gyoza".
First, I tried the soup which had a blend of 5 different soy sauce. Surprisingly, it was very creamy! The flavour of seafood flowed into my nose which drove my appetite greatly. Floating on the ocean of soup, are the veggies like spinach and bean sprouts. Underneath, is the wrinkled but shiny noodles that deliver the flavour of soup to your mouth. It has a nice and firm texture and will most definitely fulfill your satisfaction. The pork chops melted as I ate it, and it extracted the flavour of meat before it was gone. I understood why this was their most popular menu.

Speaking of ramen, you cannot forget the "Gyoza". The outer skin was cooked very well and had enough texture. Once you eat it, you can taste the flavour of the minced pork and happiness flows throughout your senses. You can choose between 5 pieces or 10 pieces according to your needs.

We ordered some desserts like "Almond Tofu" and the "Coffee Jelly" but our favorite was the "Roasted Tea Pudding".

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