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In 2010, Santouka has opened a restaurant in Vancouver BC, and in 2012 they have opened another in Toronto.

Santouka is a ramen restaurant chain from Hokkaido, and they offer 3 types of ramen: “Shio Ramen”, “Shoyu Ramen”, and “Miso Ramen”.

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They serve a very delicious warm Tonkotsu and veggie or dried fish blended soup with medium thin noodles. What I always have, is the "Shio Ramen". The noodle catches the soup very well, creating a very creamy taste. The core ingredients such as the vegetables, meat, noodles, and the sauce are all imported straight from Japan, and they focus on recreating the proper Japanese taste in their ramen.

Spicy Food Loving LT Staff from Fukuoka, Japan

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