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The restaurant Ryoji, serves ramen and other foods using ingredients from Okinawa. They have opened a very modern and stylish restaurant in Toronto back in 2013. They offer 9 different types of ramen.

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There is a restaurant called "Ryouji" in Little Italy, where they have beautiful glass lamps and pottery with alcohol. It was very stylish and did not feel like a ramen shop at all.

We asked for our server's recommendation and they brought us the "Okinawa So-Ki Soba".
According to them, many Canadian locals visit to try the soba. They recommended it because unlike tonkotsu, the soup is very light and easy to drink, making it easy to eat even for people who doesn't like heavy oily soup. The soup was indeed very light and simple, but had a proper flavour that was perfect for a hot day in Toronto.

Unlike traditional ramen, this is soba, meaning they use a different kind of noodles where it is wide, thick, and a more firm texture compared to ramen noodles.
On top of the soup, there was a piece of boney chops. At first, I thought this was going to take a bit of effort to eat. But I was proven wrong by the extremely tender meat that fell off the bone as soon as I picked it up with the chopsticks.

This is most likely the only ramen restaurant where you can try this unique kind of food.
They also had this thing called "kōrēgūsu" which were pickled Okinawa island chili peppers sauce. By adding just a few drops, you can add a bit of spiciness to your soup.

They serve mini-size ramen, and also another one of their popular menu "Spicy Miso".
I will try it out next time i visit.

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