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A little east of chinatown on Baldwin Street is a ramen place called RYUS Noodle Bar. From their popular menus, they offer “58°C ANGUS ROAST BEEF NOODLE” that uses AAA Angus Beef, and “Tsukemen” (Noodles with dipping soup instead of traditional noodle in soup).

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This restaurant serves great ramen but also a great variety of toppings and donburi.
The first impression of this store is the stylish interiors and the patio out side where you can eat under the great weather.

I had the "Shio Ramen" this time. They use dried scallop muscles, dried shrimps, rock salt, and sea salt in their soup, taking them up to 50 hours just to make the soup. This explains the wide flavor that flows through as soon as you take a sip of the soup.
With the thin noodles and the slight lemon flavour added to the soup, this was a very memorable one to eat.

The most characteristic part about this particular bowl of ramen was the fact that they come with both pork and chicken Cha-Shu. On top of that, it was decorated with bamboo sprouts and arugula.

My colleague tried the "Miso Ramen", and unlike many other miso ramen, this one uses white miso in its base. The rich and a bit fatty soup somehow makes me feel nostalgic.
This one also had very nice pork and chicken Cha-Shu, topped with bean sprouts, carrots, leek, some greens, cabbage and more! This is good for people who likes lots of veggies in their ramen.

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