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SANPOU GROUP has more than 30 restaurants worldwide. In January 2016,they opened their first Ramen restaurant,Sanpoutei Ramen, in Richmond, BC.

The interior design theme is woodwork and represents traditional Japanese culture.

(Niigata Shoyu Ramen)

The restaurant has 6 different ramen, such as Shoyu, Tori+miso, Tori+spicy miso, tori,Tsukemen and Maze soba.

They also serve 4 types of donburi menu too.

Writer's Review

From “Niigata, Japan” the “Sanpou Group” opened a chain restaurant in Richmond. Despite them being a chain restaurant, they deliver a proper Japanese flavor to the west coast. The soup is made from simmered chicken, pork bones, and veggies, which is called “Niboshi”. It truely reminded me of the Japanese style ramen. I would personally recommend the “Niigata Shoyu Ramen”.

Spicy Food Loving Writer from Fukuoka Japan

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