Sansotei Ramen(三草亭) – Dundas St.

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(Tonkotsu Black Ramen)

Sansotei is a popular restaurant who currently has many locations in Toronto, and 1 in Ottawa.

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When the owners visited Sapporo in 2009, they tried ramen for the first time which drove them to opening the restaurant. They offer a very delicious Tonkotsu Ramen that went through research after research until it reached perfection.

(Tonkotsu Black Ramen)

(Tonkotsu Black Ramen)

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The owner fell in love with Tonkotsu Ramen in Sapporo, which lead him to attend the "Yamato Ramen School" in Kagawa, Japan. He studied and researched Tonkotsu at home until he found what he felt was very good. Unlike other ramen restaurants in Toronto, Sansotei only offers Tonkotsu soup base for their ramen which tells us something about his dedication towards that particular tonkotsu flavour that he kept chasing after. (The soup base is all tonkotsu, but you can choose the flavours between salt, miso, and soysauce)

The LifeToronto staff had the most popular "Tonkotsu Black", which wasn't too light but wasn't too oily and seemed like everyone would be able enjoy this particular flavour. The garlic oil on top of the soup added a nother layer of taste to the soup, and was very delicious.

You can choose from 2 styles of noodles, thin or thick, and it seemed like the thin noodles were the more popular one. However the server personally liked the thicker noodles and so I followed her advice. The noodles had a pleasingly firm texture and contained enough volume to satisfy my hunger.

The Cha-Shu was seasoned very well and the fat was very sweet. The thick pieaces of meat always delivers happiness to customers.
Lastly, the soft boiled eggs. The eggs were boiled perfectly, and I am confident in saying that their eggs will satisfy most people who likes soft eggs.

According to the restaurant, their 2nd most popular menu was the "Tan Tan Men", which I would like to try next time I go.

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