The Ramen Butcher (麺屋こうじグループ/ラーメンブッチャー)

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The Ramen Butcher is popular restaurant in Japan. It serves many different kinds of ramen. You can enjoy not only Classic Tonkotsu ramen, but also Shoyu, Basil and Chikien.

This restaurant has ramen for vegetarian. Besides, they have classic Tsukemen.



(Outside of the restaurant)

(Outside of the restaurant)







Writer's Review

Opened February of 2015, this Ramen location is part of the Menya Kouji group in Japan. They offer the standard ‘CLASSIC’, garlic & black sesami oil ‘BLACK’, Italian style ‘GREEN’, Spicy ‘RED’, and the miso ‘ORANGE’. The noodles are thin and straight, matching perfectly with the unique soups. For the health concious crowd, you can choose the ‘lean’ Cha-shu instead of the fatty ones.Especially, writers from Fukuoka Japan really love their Ramen.

Japanese B-Grade foods Loving Writer from Fukuoka Japan

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