Touhenboku Ramen(唐変木ラーメン)Yonge & Eglinton

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(White / Original )

This restaurant offers their signature chicken stock and white water based ramen soup, and they are very popular among their customers.

You can order ramen with 4steps and you can have what you exactly want to eat.

1. Choose your flavour
2. Choose your seasonings
3. Choose your noodles
4. Choose your meat

They also offer vegetarian noodle.

(White / Original )

(White / Original )

(Red / Spicy)

(Black / Garlicky)


Writer's Review

Ramen from "Touhenboku Ramen" can be ordered online! The owner Mr. Zuimei Okuyama, has studied about ramen and has graduated the "School of Ramen" in Chiba, Japan.
Mr. Okuyama has developed his own style of noodles, and simmers chicken for a long time to make his chicken stock soup.

There are 3 general kinds of ramen that they offer. "Shiro Original" is the taste of the original recipe. "Red Spicy" uses their special chili oil that adds an edge to the flavor. "Black Garlicky" uses the Shiro Original soup and adds their house special garlic sauce in the soup.

Other than that, you can customize the soup base (chicken/pork), soup sauce (soysauce/salt/miso), noodle width, and types of meat to your liking.
This time, I tried the "White Original, chicken stock, salt flavour, thin noodles, and Chicken Cha-Shu" combination.

The noodles had a firm texture and the chicken stock had a very light flavour. Even though the soup had oil in it, the flavour was extremely easy on my throat, and I managed to finish the whole soup.

The soft boiled eggs had a very strong flavour and was very tasty. I had no trouble finishing the bowl and would recommend it to people who wants something light.
This restaurant made me want to find the perfect combination for myself.

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