Yaguchiya Ramen(矢口家)

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“The first ramen restaurant of “Yaguchiya” opened in Yokohama, Japan in 1994. In 1997, the second restaurant opened in Hiratsuka City. Yaguchiya has welcomed and served its customers for over 20 years.
The soup is made from pork bones, chicken, and Yaguchiya’s secret soy sauce recipe. Chicken oil, tender noodles, spinach, chashu (pork slices), and seaweed are all added to the soup to create the authentic Yaguchiya ramen recipe.”
Yaguchiya Ramen

“Depending on the customer’s request, the amount of the secret soy sauce, the amount of fat, and the texture of the noodles can all be adapted to the customer’s liking; this is our “Order System”. On the table are complimentary condiments (grated garlic, chilli paste, ginger, pepper, and vinegar) to customize your ramen. Yaguchiya focuses on perfecting the tonkotsu ramen in order to provide a delicious experience every time.”
Yaguchiya Ramen

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What is nice of Yaguchiya is you can customize the soup into your own tastes using grated garlic, chilli paste, ginger, pepper, and vinegar. If you don't know how to customize? Don't worry, there is a customization hint paper on the wall at the shop.

Hiroki Yamamoto

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