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(Shoyu Ramen)

This ramen place originally founded in Yokohama in the 1970s, this location opened in 2014 is the first one in North America. Yah-Yah-Ya Ramen is known for the soy sauce based soup & thick noodles, topped simply with eggs, Cha-Shi & spinach.

This restaurant also opened their 2nd location downtown.

(Green Onions and Cha-Shu Rice Bowl)

Writer's Review

I’m also from Yokohama, so the Tonkotsu Soy Sauce soup and noodles with that irresistible springy taste to the teeth reminded me of home. Just like its Japan locations, you can specify the noodle’s softness/hardness, the strength of the soup, the amount of oil, and even how fatty the Cha-Shu is. It might be daunting the very first time, since this much customization is uncommon here, but the friendly staff will guide you through. You can always just ask what the ‘staff’s favourite way’ are, and order that.

Ramen Loving Writer from Yokohama Japan

Restaurant manager's Comment

Yah-Yah-Ya, known for our soy sauce soup, is finally here in Vancouver. Made from our pork stock, you can enjoy 4 flavours: soy sauce, shio, miso and spicy miso. Make sure you ask how you want the noodles, soup and oil to create your own Ramen. Try our Cha-Shu Don or home-made gyoza to complement your Ramen.

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