Suika (スイカ)

Broadway , Vancouver / 0

(Miso Ramen)

Suika is one of most popular Japanese restaurant in Broadway area.

They make their soup out of pork, chicken, and beef, as well as the shrimp oil that adds another layer of flavor. They are usually very crowded, and I highly recommend reserving a seat before you go.

Writer's Review

I’m unfamiliar with Miso Ramen because I’m from Hiroshima Japan, so this is my first Miso Ramen!! It is made from soup based on pork, chicken & beef, with rich aroma from taken from shrimp, making it a much lighter than your regular miso. During lunch time, you get a complimentary salad with its popular house dressing. They said some customer ask them the recipe of the house dressing. It was crowded even in 2pm, so I recommend to make reservation.

Sweets Loving Writer from Hiroshima Japan

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